Sunday, November 7, 2010

Filling in the gaps

Guest post written by Heather Burnett

If there's a book out there that was source material for some kind of vampire or supernatural thing in pop culture, chances are that I have read it. One of my favorite things to do is to compare the original to the movie or TV show and find all of its flaws and decide which one that I think is better. I almost always think the book is better, but I still have hope for stuff so I keep on doing this.

Well I just finished doing that with the True Blood book series, but I was telling my best friend on gchat with my clearwire wimax 4g , who had done the exact same thing that there was some stuff in there that they referred to in later books that I hadn't read about in the earlier books and I didn't skip any!

Well, she told me about some Charlaine Harris short stories that are also about Sookie that happen throughout the whole series but are just in a seperate book. So thatÕs the next thing IÕm going to read.

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